(If you missed last month's letter, Kitty Barrow is my business coach for this year, so I'm pretty much doing whatever she tells me to do)

He whose pants are on fire should not sit down

Wise business people know that one of the hardest things to do in business is create momentum, and because it takes so much work to create it, once you have it, you should never let it go.  Momentum in business is when all your systems are getting traction and everyone starts having a lot of fun.  Key to that end is following the fundamentals that bring about success.  Right now, we are swimming down stream as hard as we can (or you could say our pants are on fire and we can't sit down (talk about mixing metaphors)).  We are on pace to triple the first quarter production of 2014!  Thank you for all your referrals!

Kitty has been teaching me a lot about time management and how to make sure that our clients continue to get the kind of service they are craving even as we grow.  Let's face it, the reason you are inclined to refer your friends to me when they need to buy or sell a home is because you trust that I'll take care of them in a very personal and connected way.  I know that you don't want me plugging them into a real estate machine as some real estate brokers tend to do.  Buying and selling is an emotional and personal experience and folks need a broker that can identify with them in that reality and get the job done. 

Kitty had me read a book by Southwestern alumnus, Rory Vaden called Procrastinate on Purpose (just hit #1 on Amazon).  Like most business books I read, half of it is filler, but the half that is worth reading is really great.  Most people feel like they barely have enough time in the day just to keep up, so what are you supposed to do if you're constantly looking to grow?  It is interesting what you can get done if you continually ask yourself, “How SIGNIFICANT is the work I am doing in the moment” (significant meaning long lasting impact).  Rather than just considering how urgent or important something is, adding the third dimension of significance can change the way you operate completely.  For me, that has meant identifying the parts of the real estate transaction that most impact my clients emotionally and technically and making sure that I am fully embedded with them at those points.  For the parts that are transactional, my team can handle with even more attention to detail, so no detail slips through the cracks.   Thinking from a significance perspective also forces you to avoid time killers like email and constant addiction to your smartphone (if you've called my phone lately, you've heard a new greeting tied to this concept).  Something we can all identify with.

Major Props

This month I want to give special recognition to a great plumbing company, Enterprise Plumbing.  I've probably promoted them before, but recently I had them do some work at my house and for some reason the problem didn't go away.  What I was so impressed by, was the way they responded to my need by getting back over to my house very quickly and getting it done right with no extra charge for additional work that was needed.  Don Stout and his crew are super friendly and are completely trustworthy.  Plus, they recently installed a toilet that is amazing!!  I know that sounds in the range of TMI, but the toilet is amazing.  You can reach Enterprise Plumbing (Lisa sets the appointments) at 630.365.9710.


Let Love Rule (it's February) – Year of the Kitty

Patrick Roach