Hello Friends!

I'm sorry it has been so long since my last update, but I have been experiencing something unlike anything I've experienced since starting SWRE in 2007.  Inventory is low, prices are starting to come up, and sellers now have leverage when selling their property. 

Take the Wheaton/Glen Ellyn market for example, if you look at March 2012 vs. March 2013, average sale prices are up 25%, the number of transactions is up 27%, and the average market time is down 20%.  That's a big change!

Some of what we are seeing is likely enhanced due to the rush of the spring market, so it is hard to say if this will last for a long time (watch the unemployment numbers, which will likely be the key indicator), or if this is going to be the new normal for a while.  Either way, the last 4 months or so have been quite busy and quite exciting.

Given these changes, our business has grown to the point that we need more skilled agents to work with all the clients you've been referring to us.  I am very happy to announce the addition of two new members of the SWRE team, Holland Hames and Julia Stoner (insert joke here).  Both Holland and Julia sold very successfully for The Southwestern Company in our college program and are bringing those skills and talents to help us build our real estate company.  In Holland's second day on the job, I had him working with 5 different clients and he rocked it like he had been doing this for years.  Julia will be starting in a couple of weeks in the city of Chicago and will be assisting with our clients in the city. 

Besides bringing in new talent, I've also been preparing for one of the biggest challenges facing buyers today, low inventory.  We have been preparing for our upcoming door-to-door campaign which will be starting in May.  We want to do what we do best, get proactive!  If buyers want to buy, and sellers are out there, rather than wait for them to list their homes, we're going to go find them.  There are a lot of folks who would like to sell their homes, but don't want to deal with getting it ready for the market and dealing with the sales process.  We have enough buyers that we can put buyers and sellers together in a way that is fair and a true win/win.  For those that have just been waiting for the market to recover before they sell, we'll be bringing them the good news and hopefully helping them get that job done.

Now ask yourself, “how many Realtors do I know that would go knocking on doors to find a home for their clients?”  Not too many.  The reality is that by doing so, we will be helping to bring buyers and sellers together, but we'll also be building our brand and public awareness of Southwestern Real Estate and all we have to offer. 

Realtors typically like to build their business by doing things that cost money and require little effort.  We like to do things that require hard work and are inexpensive... nice business model, tell your friends!


Thanks again for referring your friends,

Patrick Roach