It's Heating Up!

Wait, is it...

Dear Friends, Jan 2014

I'm writing this while my wife Jenny just arrived to spend a few days with friends in Southern California.  This is her normal breaking point when it comes to our fridged temperatures.  Every year I think she will come back refreshed and ready to perservere to the end of winter.  However, for some reason she comes back softer than ever, and all she talks about is wanting to move to warm weather.  That isn't very midwesternly of her is it?

But today I bring you good news.  Did you know that in Chicagoland, we always hit 70 degrees before the end of March?  Did you know that on average we hit 80 degrees before the end of April?  In fact, the further you live from Lake Michigan, the earlier you tend to experience 80 degrees.  Within about a mile of the lake, the average date of spring's first 80-degree day is May 4. Two or three miles inland, it's April 24; at five miles and farther inland, the average date is about April 20.  Just another great reason to encourage your friends in Chicago to move to DuPage County. 

So the good news is that this too shall pass and within the next 60 days we'll feel at least 70 degrees on our face again.  The other good news is that as temperatures rise, so does the real estate market.  That not something I just made up for promotional purposes, the number of transactions in the maketplace do go up as the temperature increases up to sometime around the start of July.  My team and I are fully prepared to grab hold of the upcoming burst of activity so that all of our clients are well served.  In 2013 we did 80% of our total business by the end of July, so we're now fully rested and ready to go hard core for a while.

A couple of exciting items about Southwestern Real Estate:

  • I fininshed the year with my personal sales of $18 Million sold – doubling 2012
  • We added three new agents, which brings our company from 4 brokers to 7
  • Each agent in our company had a personal best for their own production
  • Rusty Popp and Craig Henninger of Henninger Popp Real Estate in Wheaton, have chosen us to take over all of their clients who are doing trandional real estate transactions so they can focus more on their investor clients and construction projects
  • I will be unveiling a new app for your smart phone unlike anything we've found in the real estate market and it will apply to everyone, homeowner or not – coming this Spring

Again, I want to thank each of you for the support you've shown by referring your friends to us when they need real estate help.  We will do everything we can to make sure that they will thank you for sending them our way.  This business would not be where it is without your support.


Patrick Roach